We Want to Bring Kickball to Amsterdam!

A bunch of us all played kickball in social leagues back in the U.S. and have been missing it here in Amsterdam. We want to try and gauge interest in this kind of rec league here in Amster!

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About Us

We are a group of friends who moved to Amsterdam over the years for university and/or work. Most of us are the United States and used to play kickball. Social kickball (as well as other sports) leagues are quite popular in the US, a few groups we're personally familiar with and have inspired us are: Kickball Baltimore, WAKA NOLA in New Orleans, and Play Recess in San Francisco.

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About Kickball

Similar to Baseball

Or "honkbal," most of the rules, such as outs and innings, are the same: except no gloves and bats, just a big bouncy ball!

Watch Out!

You can get a base runner out by hitting them with the ball (as long as it's not on the head!)

Fun and Social!

A big, probably the biggest part of this, would be to have fun! Drinking on the sidelines or on the field is encouraged, and no one should be taking the score too seriously! At the end of the day, it's just kickball, calm down.

Full Rules

Here's a full list of rules from a more official site than ours. Offical Kicbkall Rules

Let's Get In Touch!

We'd prefer that you reach out to us via filling out this form to show your interest. But if you want, you can also email us!

...no one makes phone calls anymore